May 22, 2012

The Greek Euro Tragedy Is Reaching Its Final Act

The Greek euro tragedy is reaching its final act: it is clear that either this year or next, Greece is highly likely to default on its debt and exit the euro zone. Postponing the exit until after next month’s election with a new government committed to a variant of the same failed policies will not restore growth and competitiveness.

Greece is stuck in a vicious cycle of insolvency, lost competitiveness, external deficits and ever-deepening depression. The only way to stop it is to begin an orderly default and exit, co-ordinated and financed by the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Union, and the International Monetary Fund (the Troika), that minimises collateral damage to Greece and the rest of the euro zone. - in Business Day 

Nouriel Roubini is an American economist. He teaches at New York University's Stern School of Business and is the chairman of Roubini Global Economics.